Girl Memes

What do you call a girl that doesn't give head?

You don't
Hot girl bending over
Moderation. Damn girl, I think you're full
This is what girls do when you send them dick pics
Sexy girl in tights
He's trying to lose weight so he can be healthy.

Inner me: he's trying to get sexy for other girls, bake him a cake
I'm no doctor, but if anyone here is going to save this man's life, it's the girl on the right
Sexy girl tattoos
Sexy handstand girl
Cute girl in lingerie
Hot bikini girls
Sexy girl in a baseball hat
Cute girl in red bikini
Hot girl in the sea
Hot girl on a boat
Hooters girls
Mom and Dad, I met a girl at the carnival..

I think she's the one
Hot girl
Hot girl in shorts
You come home from work and see your girl cooking like this

what's the first thing you do?
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