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Tequila sunrise bikini
Prepare your anus
Quick turn left
Practice makes perfect but it still won't fill that hole in your soul
Armpit vagina
Nice guys finish last. Awesome guys finish on her face.
When you done fucking the shit out of her and she just laying there giving you the "I'm gonna love u forever" stare
That pork is so raw I could fuck it
Sexy blonde hair flip
The best morning cardio ends with an orgasm
When she runs her tongue along that line that's in the middle of your nut sack
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas
I got your white juicy meat right here
Monkey boobs
No sperm panties
What's the difference between jam and jelly. You can't jelly a dick down someone's throat!
I kinda wanna eat cookies and cream
I told him that I wanted to see the kids. Then he came in my eye.
I said pluck the chicken! you fucking pervert!
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