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Gym ass
Five guys coming soon. I've seen this movie.
Only dirty minded people will get this
The only 6 times a woman isn't bitching
Her orgasm face vs my orgasm face
Beach ass
Pokes holes in boyfriends condoms. Sister gets pregnant.
A pornstar just told me she gets 18000 for anal. Felt bad about my wife, she doesn't even get a warning
Sexy girl sitting
Are your pants a compressed file? Because I'd love to unzip them
Sexy advert
It ain't gonna suck itself.. wait
Oh! Hi honey! I was just... cleaning
Water hair
When you leave her house after 2 hours of just kissing
Perfection. Kitchen, you're not in it
If she won't do it without u asking she ain't the one
Quick girls, high five
What's the difference between me and a bowling ball

you can only fit three fingers inside a bowling ball
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