Sex Memes

Anal sex on steroids
It's at that moment you realize that your husband wasn't kidding about having anal sex
When u pulled out but the condom stayed in
Wish me luck in Hollywood daddy
Chairs are the only thing I'll pull out
When you stub your toe on the corner of the table
My girlfriends only bad habit

she likes to smoke after sex
When you're having sex and your head keeps slamming into the wall so he puts a pillow up to help you

I like you but I wanna get in a relationship before we have sex
I'd rather cuddle than have sex

Of course morning sex is better

You haven't spent all day annoying the shit out of each other
Ever had sex so good you had to stop and think fuck it 1 kid won't hurt?
Where the fuck is my sex life
Guys think they want a lot of sex

Until they get a woman who wants lots of sex
I came to bed because I thought we were going to have sex...

I could be on the internet right now
My sex life is like a Ferrari

I don't have a Ferrari
I'm not in the mood for sex babe, I want to cuddle

Said no man ever
Wife worried about the cost of new sex toy

No price is too high!!!
When he putting the condom on and you just waiting there like
I don't want flowers!! I want you to find my fucking G spot
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